Top 13 most promising alternatives for Google Adsense in 2018.

You are probably landed on this article because your Google Adsense account was banned. I absolutely understand that it is quite a shock when you receive a mail from Google that your account has been disabled.

But you should know that Google Adsense is not the only player on the digital advertising market and that there are plenty of different ways to monetize your blog or website. Both for sites with low traffic or high traffic.

So please don’t cry about your loss and check my list below!


Revenuehits is the most obvious alternative to Google Adsense as the platforms are very similar to eachother. Revenuehits won’t just ban publishers out of the random like Google sometimes does.

The minimum payout is only just $20 and they even pay out over Paypal. Their publisher dashboard is very user friendly too and very familiar when you used Adsense before.

Revenuehits has no minimum traffic requirement and apllication are usually not so difficult.

This advertising network is run by bing and yahoo. is probably an even better alternative for Adsense as this advertising platform is being widely used. It is ranking as the second advertising network next to Adsense by revenue. has no minimum traffic requirement but has some other quality related requirements you can check out here.

This network is used by big names like Forbes, MSN, CNN, USA Today, …

Applications are usually being processed pretty fast.


Infolinks mainly delivers contextual ads. The minimum payout is $50 and payements can be processed over Paypal.

Infolinks works a bit different like the other alternatives. It changes words on your website’s content into hyperlinks which will show an ad when you hover with your mouse over it.





Amazon Display Ads







Using YAML in python

YAML stands for “YAML Ain’t Markup Language” and is mostly used in configuration files. YAML, in contrary to JSON, is made to be very readable and is not designed to be used for api’s or other communication protocols. This is because the parsing of a YAML file requires the computer a little bit more effort than parsing a JSON file.

Installing PyYAML

To use YAML in python you have to install the PyYAML module by doing:

pip install PyYAML

Or if you are using pip3:

pip3 install PyYAML

Or when you are on linux (like me):

sudo pip3 install PyYAML

Loading YAML from a file

If you want to parse a YAML file.

# import the yaml module
import yaml
# load the yaml file
document = open('document.yaml', 'r')
# and finally parse the file
parsed = yaml.load(document)
You can simply revert it back to a YAML format by doing:


Loading YAML from a string

This is very similar as loading YAML from a file.

none: [~, null]
bool: [true, false, on, off]
int: 42
float: 3.14159
dict: {hp: 13, sp: 5}

How to remove the first blank line in a HTML code block

It can be very irritating when you put a piece of code in your code tag and encounter afterwards that you have a single blank line in the beginning of your code.

I have good news for you! I made a simple fix that you can easily put in the end of your body tag to solve this problem.

Copy this snippet and place it at the end of your body tag. It removes the first new line from each code block

var y = document.querySelectorAll("pre code");
for(var i = 0; i < y.length; i++) {
  y[i].innerHTML = y[i].innerHTML.replace("\n", "");